Pregnancy Massage

Changes that occur during pregnancy are physiological, affecting the musculoskeletal system and virtually every organ system. They are also emotional, with the woman adjusting to her changing body and lifestyle. A pregnancy massage (or prenatal massage) can help alleviate these ailments. The role of the massage therapist is to be aware of these changes with a view to preventative treatment, referrals to other health practitioners when necessary and maintenance of the client’s wellness.

The primary treatment goal is to promote a healthy pregnancy by including relaxation techniques and providing a supportive environment as part of every massage. The massage therapist can also teach breathing and relaxation techniques, teach exercises useful in Prenatal and Labour preparation (ie. stretches), and can help the client integrate physical changes by encouraging postural awareness.

The benefits of pregnancy massage include the following:

The contraindications of pregnancy massage vary with the trimesters, for example abdominal work during the first trimester. It is important to fill out an accurate Health History Form so your therapist can provide the best treatment geared towards your needs.

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